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Moodle platform
Moodle is a package of programs intended as tools to create online courses and websites. Read more

Origins of the Moodle package
The creator of the Moodle package is an australian computer scientist Martin Dougiamas. Using his qualifications and experience in education he created a tool improving the education process in the XXI century. Read more

Moodle of the Natural Sciences Department of AJD
Currently, the Moodle platform of the Natural Sciences Department of AJD supplements the didactic process at the following study courses:
- biotechnology
- chemistry
- taught IT
- physics
- environmental studies.
For these courses and specialities the teachers post course materials on the Moodle website during each semester od the academic year. A student can also find course timetables, course programme and syllabuses. Students and lecturers are logged in the Moodle database and assigned to their respective courses. The lecturers can edit their courses and submit additional information and files for the students. These, however, are only the basic functions of the Moodle platform available to its users.