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Nanophysics and nanomaterials

Would you like to study in Poland? We give you this opportunity. Jan Długosz University propose you the master study in English. You may study Nanophysics and nanomaterials. If you are interesting part for your time you may stay in Le Mans University in France. This University as our partner Propose for you its diploma. At the same time you may obtain two diplomas: one of the University in Czestochowa and the second one of University in Le Mans in France. The master deals with innovating aspects of the material physics such as the nanostructured and mesoscopic materials whose the properties are of a great interest for potential applications in electronics. Both theoretical and modelisation approaches will be developed as well as the applications of these materials in optics, electronic, magnetic, optoelectronics processes. The last semester is devoted to a research stay in the French or Polish laboratories or eventually in industrial laboratories. After the master degree, the students can continue by the preparation of Ph.D thesis in both countries with a particular attention to co-tutelles of thesis. For the students interested by a professional opening after validation of their master degree, the last semester will be devoted to a stay in specialised companies, of which the level of recruitment is concerned by a master degree.

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