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Physics and technology of amorphous and composite materials

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Dla kandydatów


Language of lecture: ENGLISH

The graduate will acquire the knowledge on basic problems of physics as well as physics of materials with a particular focus on the specifics of amorphous and compound materials. As well as that the graduate will gain the ability to conduct literature research or extract specific from databases. Also, the graduate will master the ability to interpret of the physical phenomena and describe them quantitatively. They will master the knowledge on the principles behind test apparatus used for studying amorphous and compound materials along with the knowledge on the methods of their fabrication. In addition, the graduate will be proficient in the use of computer hardware and software tools for performing calculations of physicochemical properties of amorphous materials and compounds. The graduate will achieve the level of English enabling them to communicate and use specialized literature in the field of physics.

Professional qualifications of students:
- They have knowledge related to the functioning and use of research equipment used in the study of amorphous and compound materials
- They known methods for the preparation of amorphous and compound materials
- They have a basic knowledge and skills related to the use of computer hardware and software